Basketball and Bicycles



I’m still not sure what I’m going to write about for the midterm and final, but I found some articles online about what’s going on in the Wicker Park/Bucktown/Logan Square area. First, I found an article from last week that says that Wicker Park voted against removing street parking on Milwaukee Avenue to add a lane for bikers. I don’t know too much about the cycling world, but I do know that cyclists are a proud, tough people that will protest and push for a lane that gives them more protection. This already seems like an ongoing story, and I don’t think it will fade away anytime soon.

I also read that Wicker Park is a top place for pick-up basketball. From what the article says, it’s interesting that a park with only two half-courts is a top place for outdoor hoops. That’s something I could check out myself, and write about that. I’ll be honest: I really want to write about sports, and this seemed like the most timely option for that. It’s about to be spring, the best time for outdoor sports.

Another big picture story idea was on the declining population of Logan Square. I always thought it was a nice neighborhood, a pleasant place to live (I spent a whopping 27 days living in an apartment near Armitage and Humboldt in September 2012). I found an article that broke down how the neighborhood is changing.

In Logan Square, for example, the non-Hispanic white population grew by 7,000, while the number of Hispanics dropped by 16,000. Many of the new residents are affluent white singles. That pattern of gentrification can also be seen in Humboldt Park, Uptown, Rogers Park, North Center and Lakeview, Lewis said.

It’s very interesting. Logan Square is becoming whiter and less Latino. It’s also becoming emptier.

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