Humboldt Park School Closings and Wicker Park Gentrification and Parking


In conducting my research on the news coverage of the northwest Chicago neighborhoods of Logan Square, Bucktown/ Wicker Park and Humboldt Park, there are a couple of story ideas that came to mind.

One of these story ideas is that of the public school closings taking place in Humboldt Park. This story idea came to me after reading a couple of the articles published by DNAinfo on the subject. The first news story that caught my eye was a story called “CPS Closings: Public Meetings Set for Humboldt Park Schools”, this story discussed public meetings being held by the city which aim to give members of Humboldt Park neighborhood a second chance at trying to save their neighborhood schools.

This story immediately caught my attention given that one of the schools listed in the story Ana Roque de Duprey, is a school to which I attended during my first years of school. I remember the school very vividly and can definitely attest that it played a huge role in the development of my Spanish language skills my overall interest in my education.

This is why I decided it might be interesting to further research the impact of these school closings on the children of these communities. I am interested in exploring how hard of a transition it’s going to be for the children affected by these school closings.

Some possible sources I’m looking to pursue are some of the school staff members, whether it is teachers, the principal, etc. I am also looking to attend one or two of the public meetings being held for these schools in order to find more sources such as parents and community advocates.

Another story idea that came to mind was that of gentrification in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood. I am interested in covering this story because growing up in Chicago, I am definitely curious as to how the changing demographics of the neighborhood have affected the residents in the area. I’ve seen Wicker Park change dramatically in the past 15 years and would definitely be interested in gaining further insights into the effects of these changes.

Along those same lines, I am also thinking of writing a story on the parking issues in Wicker Park. Being a constant visitor to the area, I’ve definitely struggled with parking and ticketing along Milwaukee and North Avenue. In researching this topic I found that there is a site specifically designed to reserve visitors of Wicker Park a parking spot, which I am thinking of contacting to gain further insights into this possible story idea.


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