West Side Bicyclists Won’t Get Protection From The City


I’m not a cyclist myself, but bicyclists have always fascinated me. Mainly, Chicago bicyclists are of interest they maneuver around the busy city streets and go toe-to-toe with cars, with little protection other than a hardened foam bike helmet. Kind of crazy, right?

Last week I read that the city balked at making a protected bike lane on Milwaukee Avenue. A big reason for that is because cars park on the street, and the city would be sacrificing parking spaces. Milwaukee Ave., though, is an odd street because it is a diagonal street. It has a ton of six-way intersections. This is a fairly dangerous street for bikers.

For my midterm, I want to go in and write about that – finding people who traverse West Side streets on bike, getting their reaction to not just the city’s scrapped plan, but also their take on any cycling-related issues in Logan Square and Wicker Park.

I found a few Chicago cycling clubs online, so I’m sure they have an opinion on the issue. I also found a splendid map that illustrates where accidents happen, and exactly what happened.

I also found an article stating just how beneficial protected bike lanes are, and just how dangerous it is to ride around out in the city streets without that protection. The protected lanes not only protect bikers, but are good for the city, too.


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