Violence & Crime w/ Aerias & The Clyde Project

Hello All. Today I took the liberty of catching up with some cool dudes of mine–A hip-hop band called Aerias & The Clyde Project.

These Chi natives have opened up for some of the greatest old-school, New York hip-hop artists of all time: RZA, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man.On Thursday, May 9th, they will be opening for Mobb Deep at the Double Door in Wicker Park. 

My intention was to gather their thoughts about violence in Chicago and how it may affect the city’s hip-hop community. I also wanted to see if it has affected (or facilitated) interest with regard to their business & and if popularity is more important than social responsibility. 

But unfortunately, time got the best of us, and I had to reschedule the interview for another date. Sorry guys. 

But, what I did manage to get is a quick sample of their upcoming set. The song is untitled for now (it doesn’t even have lyrics yet), but I’m sure it will turn into a classic chill tune. 

If you hurry, you might be able to still get tickets

Aight, it’s back to rehearsal. 

I hope y’all didn’t think I was gonna give up a free show? lol. 



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