Gentrification: Changing the Face of Logan Square and Wicker Park

Wicker Park

Wicker Park

For my final story I’m looking to take a dive into the topic of gentrification and the impact its had on the Wicker Park and Logan Square communities during the last decade.

This topic is particularly interesting to me, given that I’ve grown up around these areas and have seen them transform before my eyes in a matter of years.

Logan Square is a neighborhood that I grew up in and in a matter of 5 or 6 years it has been slowly experiencing change evident through the new faces in the neighborhood, new restaurants, boutiques, and demographics in general.

There are a couple of streets which clearly reflect the changes taking place in Logan Square, such as the intersection of Kedzie and Milwaukee. At this intersection, Kedzie has become populated with small trendy restaurants, including a tapas bar/lounge whose atmosphere and look is reminiscent of those in Wicker Park.

As far as Wicker Park goes, the neighborhood has become inhabited with a ton of trendy and many times pricy boutiques which reflect the income levels and changing demographics of the area. Wicker Park has transformed from a high crime neighborhood into a neighborhood full of pricy shops, real-estate, and an abundant amount of restaurants and bars.

However, although all may seem great from the outside, in conducting my research and interviews for this story I am looking to see what the impact of these changes are on the longtime residents of the area and am looking to figure out how these communities deal with these changes.


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