Envisioning the Final Project

For my final article, I was probably (I never like to commit too early) going to continue on with my bicycling story. I’ll go a little more in-depth with the topic, focus more on an organization or specific cyclist, and what problems there are in the city with biking.

There are a number of bicycling groups in Chicago that deal extensively with the Wicker Park/Bucktown/Logan Square/West Side area, so I might try to profile them. For instance, I found one group in Pilsen, so perhaps I can speak with them or find a sister organization in Wicker Park.

One thing I do know is that I’ll be going with all new sources for my final paper. I talked with two random strangers on Milwaukee Ave., so I won’t be able to track them down again. Also, the lady I talked with who works with The Chainlink was nice, but it was a huge ordeal to speak with her. I’ll move on from that.

If I don’t write another biking story, I might go with a story on pick-up basketball, or I might just walk around the neighborhood this week and see what catches my interest.


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