The Debate On Internships


For my final article I am going to build off of my midterm and focus on young adults doing internships in order to gain more experience in their field. Using the young girl from my midterm as inspiration, I want to focus on the idea that many young adults are going back to school or taking unpaid or underpaid jobs as interns so that they can qualify for positions in their field of study.

A recent article in the New York Times focused on the struggles of internships. Many young adults are working short hours, for even shorter amounts of pay. According to the article, the idea of entry level positions are disappearing and internships are taking over. The article focused on the negativity of internships and how they seem to drag on forever.

The girl from my midterm has spent her last year of grad school interning at several different clinics. She has spent her last two semesters interning at two different internships that are both unpaid. Although she is gaining experience in her field of study, she is unable to work. She still has to rely on her parents for money and she is still unsure if she will have enough experience to qualify for a position in her field. As graduation approaches, she finds herself applying for jobs in her field and finding very few jobs that are offering entry level positions.

I am curious to see the affects that internships are having on young adults and if they are really helping them to qualify for jobs or if they are holding them back from a steady income.


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