Reflecting On Internships



After listening to Randi Belisomo’s advice last night in class, I continue to question how important internships are. I have found several articles that questioned the worth of unpaid internships. However, after listening to Randi talk about her career, I am reconsidering the importance of internships. Randi discussed how she landed her job at WGN. She started out as an intern with CLTV and then was referred and hired by the company, which later was bought by WGN. Randi used her internship to network and build relationships, which helped her to land a job in her field. After hearing Randi’s success story, I have gained more confidence back in the worth of unpaid internships. However, I would like to explore more studies and find out how many students with unpaid internships land jobs in their field.

I found an article on that gave tips for students who are considering taking an unpaid internship. One thing the article discussed was researching the track record of the company to see if they are known to hire interns. Possibly WGN is more prone to hire interns then other companies. The article also said to consider if the internship is going to help widen and sharpen your skills in your field. Maybe the internship will add to your skill set and help to give you the experience that you need to land your dream job. Or you could just be grabbing coffee for your boss during the whole internship and be wasting away your skills and failing to gain beneficial experience.

I want to talk to several students who have interned or who are interning right now. I want to find out their experiences and what they are getting from their internships. I also want to weigh out the options and help to give better insight into the worth of internships and how beneficial they can be.


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