College Degrees Being Neglected


According to the State Department of Employment Security unemployment increased in January in seven out of 12 metro areas in Illinois. Since January, unemployment in the Chicago area has increased from 9.5% to 9.9%.

With the unemployment rates in Chicago increasing, I am curious about the unemployment of recent college graduates. New Research from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity suggests that nearly half of the nation’s recent college graduates work jobs that don’t require a degree. The report concludes that while college-educated Americans are less likely to collect unemployment, many of the jobs they do have aren’t worth the price of their diplomas.

This data challenges the idea that higher education is better in our economy that favors college graduates.

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Unemployment Rate For 18-29 Year Olds


A staffing company called Adecco emailed me last week about a career fair they are holding on April 30th. The email reported that the unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds was 13.1 percent as of January 2013, which doesn’t include the 1.7 million young adults that have given up and stopped looking for a job.

I also found an article on from January of this year that focused on the unemployed youth of Chicago.

The article discussed different hardships that the teens in Chicago face, including drug addiction and teen pregnancy. These hardships create barriers that the teens have to overcome in order to graduate and get their diploma. The article focused on high school students in Chicago and how they are dealing with unemployment.

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Jobs in Chicago


For one of my story topics I want to focus on jobs in Chicago. I want to look at unemployment rates and what sources are being used by people looking for jobs. While searching on Twitter I found a job source called Chicago Job Resource. The website lists employment openings and job clubs and fairs. The website is a good networking source for people looking for a job.

Not only do I want to focus on companies that are hiring and different sources to help people find a job, but I want to get to the bottom of the unemployment in Chicago. I want to focus on what the unemployment rate is in the area and why people are unemployed. While searching on Twitter I found several people tweeting about the unemployment rate in Chicago for African Americans. One Tweet reported that the unemployment rate for African Americans in Chicago was 19%. I could focus on the African American community specifically and why they have a higher unemployment rate. I could see if schooling and criminal backgrounds play a factor into why so many African Americans are unemployed.

Another tweet by Chicago News Now reported that the hiring rate in Chicago last month slowed down and that unemployment rates dropped, but only because people stopped looking for work. The tweet from Chicago News Now had a link to a Sun Times article that focused on unemployment rates dropping and the future of the economy. I could use this as a starting point for my article on jobs in Chicago. I could focus on the health of the job market and the trend in unemployment rates dropping or rising because of the state of the economy.