Wicker Park and Logan Square Prep for Festival Season


Wicker Park and Logan Square are happening places. With the mix of warm weather and young-ish professionals with disposable incomes, the area will have its share of events in the next few weeks and months. DNA Info just posted an article highlighting the beer fests and bar specials going on this week.

I think there could be a story somewhere in here. The fests alone could make an interesting article, but then again this isn’t an uncommon thing. But if you think about it, just what effects might the fests have on the neighborhood? Take, for instance, the Wicker Park Fest in late July. Looks like a good time. But how does this affect businesses? Do they do better after these fests, because of successful promotions at the event? Do residents in the neighborhood like the influx of people who visit the area on those days? Is there a rise in crime/vandalism/public lewdness? Or is this something the neighbors look forward too, a chance to show off their home? Do people attend the fest and eventually move into the area? There are a multitude of story ideas.

The Logan Square and Wicker Park chambers of commerce would be good sources for this type of story, as would their neighborhood associations. They would presumably have valid opinions. Again, there could be an interesting story here.